Creating Named Selections By Selecting Nodes And Mesh Elements In ANSYS® Mechanical

Named selections are a very useful tool in ANSYS® Mechanical to define boundary conditions upon them, at further processes. You can create named selections, by selecting the mesh elements and mesh nodes. So, it is also possible to define your boundary conditions and other things upon them. Here, we explain how to create named selections in ANSYS® Mechanical via nodes and mesh elements.


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How To Create Node And Mesh Element Named Selections In ANSYS®?

Select the required nodes or elements.

As you see above, there are two options to select mesh elements or mesh nodes in ANSYS® Mechanical, as shown by the red arrow. For example, we selected mesh elements by selecting the second selection method as above.

Click on ‘Create Named Selection’.

After selecting nodes and elements, right-click on the graphics window in ANSYS® Mechanical, then click on ‘Create Named Selection’ as shown by the red arrow above.

Enter the name and click on ‘OK’.

In this window, just enter the name of the created named selection as shown by the red box upon selected mesh elements in ANSYS® Mechanical. Then click on ‘OK’ to complete mesh elements named selections.

Select the created named selection in ANSYS® Mechanical.

From the outline tree in ANSYS® Mechanical, if you expand the ‘Named Selections’ section, then click on created named selection upon mesh elements as shown by the red arrow above, you can see the selected mesh elements as shown in the red box above.


Creating named selections upon mesh elements and nodes can be a very useful trick in such situations in ANSYS® Mechanical.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


2 responses to “Creating Named Selections By Selecting Nodes And Mesh Elements In ANSYS® Mechanical”

  1. Pedro Millan Avatar
    Pedro Millan

    Do you know how can i create nodes in specific coordinates in ANSYS Mechanical?

    I have a solid body and i want to have a node in a specific position/coordinates.

    Thank you!

    1. MB-Editor Avatar

      I think, it will in ANSYS APDL

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