Creating Points On Sketches In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Points can be very useful features to define reference points for further operations in design. And also points are very good reference poins for CAM programs. Solidworks also provides very useful and bacis method to create points on sketches. In this article we will show how to create points on sketches in Solidworks.

How To Use Point Command In Solidworks Sketching

Click on the ‘Point’ command in Solidworks.

To create points on Solidworks sketching, click on the ‘Point’ command as shown by green arrow above. But you need to inside an active sketch in Solidworks to create points on it.

Click to define the places of points in Solidworks sketching.

After entering into the ‘Point’ command in Solidworks, simply click to define the places of points in Solidworks sketch as shown by green arrows above.

Define Point parameters manually in Solidworks.

Also you can define the point places manually by enterin the X and Y coordinates as shown in green box above.

Click on little yes button to complete point creation in Solidworks.

If you complete the point creation in ‘Point’ command, click on little green yes button as shown by green arrow above.

So it is very basic like that to create points in Solidworks sketching.

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