Creating Quick Sphere Geometries In Siemens NX(Illustrated Explanation)

In this article we will show you how to create spheres in Siemens NX in a very short way with ‘Sphere’ command with very basic illustrations below.

How To Use ‘Sphere’ Command In Siemens NX?

Click on ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX.

To open the ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX, click on little pop up menu as as shown by red arrow above called ‘More’ then click on ‘Sphere’ command as in red box.

Define the required parameters for ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX.

After entering into the command, there is two of options to create spheres in Siemens NX. One of them is called as ‘Center Point and Diameter’ as shown in red box above. In this option of ‘Sphere’ command, you need to specify the center point location as shown by red arrow above then enter the diameter value of the sphere inside the blue box.

Then click on ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ button to complete the sphere creation.

Created sphere with ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX.
Select the ‘Arc’ option of ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX.

If you select the ‘Arc’ option as in blue box above that is the second one, you need to select a arc or circle to create sphere from them.

Click on ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ button to create shpere.

Created sphere with ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX.

As you see above the selected arc as shown by red arrow is used to create sphere from it in Siemens NX.

The use of ‘Sphere’ command to create quick sphere is very easy like above in Siemens NX. Leave your comments and questions below about ‘Sphere’ command in Siemens NX!


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