Creating Singleline And Multiline Text In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

Texting can be very useful in such technical drawings to give important notes to its readers. You can give these notes by typing with words or letters on your technical drawing. Also you can tye writings in Autocad 2D with ‘Singleline Text’ and ‘Multiline Text’ commands. In this content, we will explain how to use ‘Singleline Text’ and ‘Multiline Text’ commands to obtain writings in Autocad 2D.

How To Use ‘Singleline Text’ And ‘Multiline Text’ Commands In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Single Line’ or Multi Line’ in Autocad.

To type writings in Autocad 2D, click on little pop-up menu at ‘Annotation’ tab as shown by red arrow above. Then click on either ‘Multiline Text’ or ‘Single Line’ as shown in red box in Autocad.

Specify first and second corners for Multiline Text.

If you select Multiline Text command in Autocad, you need to specify the first and the second corner of your writing are as shown by red arrows above.

Type your writings in Autocad.

After selecting first and second corners, you can start to type whatever you want. After you finish the writing in Autocad, click on ‘Esc’ button from your keyboard, and save changes by pressing ‘Enter’.

Writing options in Autocad texting.

There are bunch of useful texting options in Autocad as above. It is just like writing in MS Word document and some aspect are nearly same with MS Word.

You can select height of you writing as shown by red arrow above. You need to select all the text that you wrote, then select height for it in Autocad.

You can simple adjust text font, text color and options like ‘bold’, ‘italic’ etc. as shown in green box above.

There is a useful tool called as ‘Match’ as in red box above in Autocad. After entering into this option, you can select an another text, then you can select your current text to transfer the all properties of the first text to second one in Autocad.

Also you can adjust bulleting and numbering for list-type texts as shown by green arrow above. You can also adjust text orientation from blue box.

You can add symbols, columns; you can do some dictionary processes such as spell checks etc. as shown by blue arrows and orange box in Autocad.

Enter text height for Singleline text in Autocad.

If you select Single-line command, you need to specify the starting point of your text, then enter a height value for it. Then you need to define the angle of your text orientation in Autocad drawing scheme. Finally you can type whatever you want.

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