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Creating Surfaces Effectively With Lofting Method In Solidworks


Lofted Boss/Base is very useful command in Solidworks that you can create 3D geometries effectively. You can also create 3D surfaces with loft method in Solidworks. In here, we wil show you how to create 3D surface geometries with ‘Lofted Surface’ command in Solidworks.

How To Use ‘Lofted Surface’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Lofted Surface’ command.

To open ‘Lofted Surface’ command, click on ‘Surface’ menu as shown in orange box above then click on the command as shown by orange arrow above.

Define the required parameters for ‘Lofted Surface’ command.

You need to have a proper set of 3D sketches to use ‘Lofted Surface’ command in Solidworks. At least, you must have sletches in different planes or surfaces to make lofting between them to create surfaces.

After entering into the ‘Lofted Surface’ command, click to select the profiles from sketches that 3D surface geometry will be created between them, as shown by red arrow above.

Also you can specify guide curves to shape lofted geometry in intended way. Guide curves must touch all of selected profiles as shown by green arrow above. You can select 2 or more profiles to create geometries with loft method.

You can also define a centerline as shown by blue arrow above. You can also increse or decrease the number of segments as shown by orange arrow.

If you done with lofted surface adjustments, click on little yellow button at left-top side of command tree in Solidworks.

Created geometry with ‘Lofted Surface’ command in Solidworks.

As you see above, the use of ‘Lofted Surface’ command is very easy to obtain surface geometries in Solidworks.

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