Creating Surfaces With Sweep Method Effectively In Solidworks

In normal sweep method in Solidworks, you can create various kinds of 3D solid geometries. Also you can create surfaces with sweep method in Solidworks. In here, we explain how to create surfaces with ‘Swept Surface’ command in Solidworks.

How To Use ‘Swept Surface’ Command In Solidworks?

To open ‘Swept Surface2 command in Solidworks, click on ‘Surface’ menu as shown in blue box above. Then click on ‘Swept Surface’ command as shown by blue arrow above. But you need to have a proper 3D sketch that is compounded with separate sketches to use this command as shown by green arrow above.

As you see, there are three of paths and one of profile. These are must be in different planes to obtain 3D surface with this command in Solidworks.

Define the required parameters for Swept Surface command.

After entering into the ‘Swept Surface’ command, select a profile that will be converted into a surface as shown by green arrow. And select a path that the profile curve will be spanned over this as shown by red arrow above.

Also you can define guide curves to constrict the surface geometry inside them as shown by blue arrows above. Guide curves must be similar with path curve.

Select ‘Circular Profile’ option.

Also if you select ‘Circular Profile’ as shown by blue arrow inside the ‘Swept Surface’ command in Solidworks. You just select the path as shown by green arrow, then enter the diameter value to obtain circular surface around path, as shown by red arrow.

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If you done with adjustments to create swept surface, click on little yes button at left-top of screen to complete the process.

Weird surface that created with Swept Surface command in Solidworks.

As you see above that the use of ‘Swept Surface’ command in Solidworks is very easy to obtain surface geometries. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about swept surface geometries in Solidworks below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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