Creating Tetrahedron Mesh Structure In ANSYS® Meshing(Illustrated Expression)

The shape of mesh elements has a great effect on finite element analyses and ANSYS® analyses. You can define the shape of your mesh elements according to your geometry in ANSYS® Meshing. In this article, we will show your how to create tetrahedron mesh shapes for your geometries in ANSYS® with a very basic example below.

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How To Create Tetrahedron Mesh Structure In ANSYS® Meshing?

Click on ‘Method’ in ANSYS®.

To created tetrahedron mesh structures in ANSYS®, you need to right-click on the ‘Mesh’ tab, then hover your mouse on ‘Insert’ as shown by the red arrow. Then click on the ‘Method’ option as in the red box above.

Select the required geometry in ANSYS®.

After selecting the ‘Method’, click to select the required geometries to create a tetrahedron mesh structure on it as shown by the red arrow above. Then click ‘Apply’ as shown by the green arrow above.

Select ‘Tetrahedrons’ for ‘Method’.

From the list named ‘Method’ above, select ‘Tetrahedrons’ as shown by the green arrow for your geometry.

Select the tetrahedron mesh creation algorithm.

Select one of the algorithms;

  • Patch Conforming: It conforms your mesh structure to close vertices edges or faces if they exist in your geometry.
  • Patch Independent: There is no confirmation of the tetrahedron mesh structure.
Select the ‘Element Midside Nodes’ option.

Select one of the options for ‘Element Midside Nodes’ around;

  • Use Global Setting: Uses the option which is used for the global mesh element midside nodes option.
  • Dropped: The element mid-side node is not used in the created tetrahedron mesh.
  • Kept: Element midside nodes are used at created tetrahedron mesh structure.

You can click on the given link to see what is the ‘Element Midside Nodes’ in ANSYS® Meshing.

Click on ‘Update’ to create tetrahedron mesh.

If your adjustments to create tetrahedron mesh elements on your geometry in ANSYS, right-click on ‘Mesh’ then click ‘Update’ as in the green box.

The tetrahedron mesh structure is obtained in ANSYS® Meshing.


Creating tetrahedron mesh structures in ANSYS® Meshing is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about tetrahedron mesh creation in ANSYS® Meshing below!

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.






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