Crosshair Options In AutoCAD; Size And Color

It can sound simple to you but crosshair is very important part of Autocad. Parameters about crosshair affects the comfort of drawing in Autocad in a very serious case. So there are some kinds of options about crosshair of Autocad is provided in Autocad options. In this article, we gave the all the links in Mechanicalland about Autocad crosshair options; Autocad crosshair color and Autocad crosshair size.


What Are The Crosshair Options In AutoCAD?

Autocad crosshair.

As you see above, default crosshair in Autocad is omething like above. It has little box inside it, and it has four linear extensions. This shape of crosshair in Autocad, provides the easy appearance in drawing scheme. But this appearance can affetct the drawing comfort in various ways to various users of Autocad. So you can adjust the size and the color of that crosshair from Autocad options.

  • How To Change Crosshair Color In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression): You can find out useful information about changing crosshair color in Autocad. Click and learn how to change crosshair color in Autocad. In brief, you need to open ‘Options’ window in Autocad, and you need to click on Display tab. In this tab, there is an option to adjust crosshair color according to yourself.
  • How To Change Crosshair Size In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression): You can also find out useful information about changing crosshair size in Autocad by clicking on this link. Crosshair size also very important thing for drawing comfort in Autocad. Users generally adjust crosshair size according to their screen size. In brief again, you just need to open ‘Options’ of Autocad, then click on ‘Display’ tab. There is a option to adjust crosshair size in this tab.

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