Defining Constraints And Relations On Solidworks® Sketch Entities(Illustrated Expression)

Constraints and relations can be a very useful tools in CAD systems. You can give various relations between sketch entities when you are doing your sketching in Solidworks®. In this article, we will discuss how to give relations and constraints to sketch entities in Solidworks®, with a very basic example.

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How To Define Constraints In Solidworks® Sketching?

Adding relations to sketch entities in Solidworks®.

For example, we want to add parallel relation between two of these line segments as shown by the red arrows above. What we need to do is, select the lines with your mouse by pressing the Rshift button from your keyboard.

When you selected these lines, the ‘Properties’ menu will automatically open. As you see from the red box region, two lines are selected. You can add extra sketch entities to that box by clicking or selecting from sketching in Solidworks®.

Relations that can be added between these lines will appear as shown in the green box above. You can add relations by clicking on these relation types. For our case, click on the ‘Parallel’ relation, then click on the little yes button as shown by the green arrow to complete the operation in Solidworks®.

Parallel relation between sketches entities in Solidworks®.

As you see above, two of the selected lines are parallel from now on in Solidworks® sketching. Parallel indicators also appear as shown by green arrows.

Adding tangency between line and circle in Solidworks® sketching.

For example, again, we selected a line and a circle that we want that line must be tangent to that circle in Solidworks® sketching. What we did is, select the required sketch entities as shown in the green box, then click on ‘Tangent’ relation as shown by the green arrow.

Tangency between a line and circle in Solidworks®.

Defining relations between sketch features is like above in Solidworks® sketching. When you select your sketch features, constraints and relations could be defined to these features will automatically appear.


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