Defining Nodal Force In ANSYS® Mechanical

You can define the main boundary conditions on the nodal basis in ANSYS® Mechanical. These types of nodal definitions can be more useful in the background of mathematical calculations for theoretical studies. 


Here, we explain how to define nodal force in ANSYS® Mechanical to bodies and geometries. 

How To Define Nodal Forces In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Select nodal force in ANSYS® Mechanical.

To define a nodal force, right-click on the analysis in ANSYS® Mechanical, then hover your mouse on the ‘Insert’ tab. And click on ‘Nodal Force’ to define nodal forces.

Select a proper named selection.

When you are defining the boundary conditions on a nodal basis, you can not select geometries in conventional methods. You need to create named selectionson a nodal basis, and you need to select this named selection like above. 

Select the nodes for named selection.

To do it, when you are creating named selections, select the nodes that you want to define your nodal force, as in the example above. 

Enter the nodal force value.

You can define nodal force just like normal force, after selecting nodal geometries. Also, you can define nodal force that changing with time. 

  • Divide Load by Nodes: If you want to divide the entered load or force value on selected nodes, you can use this option. 


Defining nodal forces in ANSYS® Mechanical is very simple like above. 

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

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