Definitions Of Geometric Attributes In Manufacturing

All the manufacturing processes themselves must be done in ‘standards’. Production or manufacturing has lots of branches inside it. There are lots of departments in manufacturing sites that are working in a defined standards. In general, these standards must be fully defined in technical drawings of produced parts in a manufacturing site. In technical drawings, there are lots of standardized illustration rules to understood by its readers. One of these standardized rules are used in technical drawings is ‘geometric attributes’.

What Are The Geometric Attributes In Manufacturing?

Geometric attributes in a technical drawing.

Angularity: With this geometric attribute in technical drawing, the angular relationships between different features of a part can be shown with respect to themselves. This is showing the relative angular position of a feature according to an another feature in technical drawing.

Circularity or Roundness: This is the geometric attribute that shows the features property that whether the whole points of this feature are equidistant to a specified point. This situations makes a circular relationship between the feature and a point.

Cocentricity: There can be circles, cylinders or cylinders that can be hollow in a technical drawing. And all of these circular geometries have an axis. If these axes are overlap to each other, there is a relation of cocentricity between these circular geometries.

Cylindricity: If a surface feature inside a technical drawing or in a part has a axis of revolution that the whole points of this surface are equidistant to that line, there is a geometrical property called as cylindricity. 

Flatness: If the whole points of a geometric feature can be defined in a single plane, This geometric feature can be said as flat.

Parallelism: If the all points of a geometric feature such as line, plane etc. are equidistant to their conterparts on an another reference geometry, there is a parallel relationship between these geometric features.

Perpendicularity or Squareness: If the angular relationship between features is 90 degrees, these features are perpendicular to each other and there is a geometrical relationship between these geometrical features called as perpendicularity.

Straightness: The degree of a geometrical feature that is resembled as a straight line.

These are the generally used geometrical attributes in technical drawing and in the quality control processes of parts.

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