Determinant Of A Matrix In MatLab®(Illustrated Expression)

In this text in Mechanicalland, we will show you how to calculate the determinant value of a matrix in Matlab®. Matlab® provides various kinds of linear algebra tools in its language library. Sometimes you need to calculate the determinant value of a matrix. Look at the example below that how to take the determinant value of a matrix in Matlab.

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How To Calculate Determinant Value Of A Matrix In Matlab®?

>> a = [1 3 5;7 8 11;100 1 4];
d = det(a)
e = det(a).*5
f = det(a)+3

d =


e =


f =



To calculate determinant values of matrices in Matlab®, you need to use the ‘det(a)’ command. Here some examples about use of this command in Matlab®;

‘a’ is the main matrix that we wish to calculate its determinant value in Matlab® as shown above.

‘d’is the calculated determinant value of ‘a’ matrix with det(a).

At ‘e’, the determinant value is multiplied by 5 which shows you can do mathematical multiplications with determinant values in Matlab®.

In ‘f’, the determinant value is added with 3 which means you can do basic addition or subtraction calculations in Matlab® with ‘det()’ code.


Here is very basic to calculate determinant values of matrices in Matlab® with the ‘det()’ command.

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