Dimensioning Radius In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In technical drawing, dimensioning radius sections of features is vert important. You need to know, where you must use radius dimensions in technical drawings. If you create your technical drawings in Autocad, giving radius dimensions is very easy. In here, we explained how to use ‘Radius’ command to dimension radius features in Autocad below.

How To Use ‘Radius’ Command In Autocad?

Click to open ‘Radius’ command in Autocad.

For example, we need to dimension features like shown by red arrows above in Autocad. You can dimension these features with ‘Radius’ command. Click on ‘Linear’ menu as shown by green arrow then click on ‘Radius’ option in Autocad.

Give radius dimensioning in Autocad 2D.

After entering into the ‘Radius’ command in Autocad, you need to select the round features as shown by green arrows above to dimension them. Click to select the dimensioned feature, then place your dimension arrow as shown by green box above in Autocad. You can do your placement according to your technical drawing sheet.

The use of ‘Radius’ command to dimension round features in Autocad is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions above dimensioning round object with ‘Radius’ command in Autocad below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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