Displaying And Deleting Relations In Solidworks® Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

Giving relations to sketch entities in Solidworks® sketching is a very important tool to obtain required sketch entities from an easy way. Using constraints and sketch relations is effective in Solidworks®, which indicates that you are a very good CAD user. In this article, we will show you how to see all sketch relations between sketch entities in Solidworks®, and how to delete them, with a very basic example below.

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How To Display/Delete Sketch Relations In Solidworks® Sketching?

Sketch relations in Solidworks® sketching.

As you see above example, there are a bunch of sketch relations are assigned between sketch entities in Solidworks® sketching. You can display and delete these relations easily.

Click on ‘Display/Delete Relations’ in Solidworks® sketching.

What you need to do is, just click on ‘Display/Delete Relations’ as shown by the blue arrow above in Solidworks® sketching.

Delete and suppress the sketch relations in Solidworks® sketching.

After clicking on ‘Display/Delete Relations’ in Solidworks® sketching, you can see and select all the relations between sketch entities as shown in a red box above. You can suppress the selected relation from that list. Then you can delete the selected relations as shown by the green arrow. You can click on the little yes button as shown by the blue arrow to close from displaying relations in Solidworks® sketching.

Delete the relations between Solidworks® sketch entities.

Also, you can delete the sketch relations in Solidworks® by right-clicking on the little icons that show these relations in Solidworks® sketching as shown by the blue arrow above. Then click on ‘Delete’ from the pop-up menu as in the blue box.


This stuff is very simple in Solidworks® like this.

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