Dividing Lines Or Objects Evenly With Points In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

Points can be very good references in Autocad technical drawings. You can also create points on geometries or features in even distribution in Autocad 2D. So we will show you how to do this in Autocad and which command does this kind of thing in Autocad with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Divide’ Command In AutoCAD?

Normal line object in Autocad 2D.

As you see above, there are only three picking points of a line object in Autocad. If you divide this object into equal segments, actually there is no cutting the line equal segments. There is an action only putting point object into these equal segments on that line.

Click on ‘Divide’ command in Autocad.

To see how this command works, click on ‘Draw’ menu as shown by red arrow then click on ‘Divide’ command in Autocad as in red box.

Select the object to divide and enter the division number.

After entering into the ‘Divide’ command in Autocad, just select the object that you want to divide as shown by red arrow then enter the number of division as shown by green arrow.

Then press ‘Enter’ from your keyboard to finish the dividing operation in Autocad.

Equally segmented line with ‘Divide’ command in Autocad.

If you select the line, you can see the division points which are not belong to the line object. Each of there pick points are showing the created points in equal spacing on line object in Autocad.

The use of ‘Divide’ command is very basic like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Divide’ command in Autocad below!


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