Division Of Matrices In MatLab®(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show how to divide matrices or could we divide matrices in Matlab®. Division of matrices has special meaning in Linear Algebra as you know. So there are some rules to divide matrices in Linear Algebra. These rules are also valid in Matlab® when you are dividing matrices. You can take a look at the below examples to understand matrices division rules in Matlab® and how to divide matrices in Matlab® element by element.

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How To Divide Matrices In Matlab®?

>> a = [1 3 5; 7 8 11; 100 1 4];
b = [1 4 5;5 82 411; 1400 51 4];
c = a/b
d = a./b

c =

    0.6632    0.0041    0.0002
    1.8725    0.0039    0.0036
   -1.1393    0.0229    0.0722

d =

    1.0000    0.7500    1.0000
    1.4000    0.0976    0.0268
    0.0714    0.0196    1.0000


The division of matrices in Matlab® leads to “an*inv(b)” which is the division of the same dimensioned matrices in linear algebra. So the result of the direct division of ‘a’ and ‘b’ matrices is shown above.

‘d’ value is the element by element division of ‘a’ and ‘b’ matrices. The same row-column numbered elements in ‘a’ and ‘b’ matrices are divided into each other. We put ‘.’ right before the mathematical symbol of division(./).


So the division between matrices in Matlab® is very easy like above.

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