Drawing 2-Point Circle In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to obtain very circles by selecting two points in drawing scheme in Autocad. There are bunch of other Autocad circle drawing tools that we told all of them in the Mechanicalland. You can create the circles with selection of two points from the sketch in Autocad.


How To Create 2-Point Circle In AutoCAD?

Click on the 2-Point command in Autocad.

To draw a circle by selecting 2 points, click on the pop-up menü as shown by green arrow above then click on the 2-Point circle command as shown in green box.

Select the first point.

You need to select the first point of the 2 Point arc in Autocad after entering to the command as shown above.

Specify the second point of the circle.

You need to specify the second point of the circle as shown above. Also you van enter a diameter value inside the green box above after that you can also enter a angle value by pushing to the “Tab” button from your keyboard.

Enter a angle value.

We entered 1000 mm of diameter length for circle, and entered the 25 degrees of angle by clicking on Tab button as shown by green arrow above. You can create 2-Point circle like that in Autocad.

Select a two point.

Also if we have a features in Autocad drawing that we want to create our circle bwtween these two points, simply select the two points respectively as shown by green arrow above.

Obtaining of circles in Autocad with 2-Point command is simply like that.

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