Drawing And Editing Splines In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

Splines are very important and useful command in CAD systems that you can create aesthetic designs if you control the handle points in a good way. In technical drawings, there can be situations that you need to use Spline to create the required drawings. Also Autocad 2D has a spline creation command called ‘Spline Fit’. In this article we will show you how to use ‘Spline Fit’ command to create splines in efficient way.

How To Use ‘Spline Fit’ Command In AutoCAD Drawing?

Click on ‘Spline Fit’ command in Autocad.

To create splines in Autocad, click on little pop-up menu at the ‘Draw’ section at above ribbon bar in Autocad, then click on ‘Spline Fit’ command as shown by green arrow above.

‘Start tangency’ option in ‘Spline Fit’ command.

Drawing splines is very basic after entering into the ‘Spline Fit’ command. What you need to do is, just click to start to define knot points of spline.

After clicking on the starting point as shown by red arrow above, you can select the option of ‘Start Tangency’ as shown by green arrow above. With this option, you can define a starting tangency for your spline.

‘End Tangency’ option in ‘Spline Fit’ command.

For example, we specified the end point of our spline as shown by green arrow above and we want that our spline must be tangent to the line as shown by green arrow again. To do it, click on ‘End Tangency’ option as shown by red arrow above. Then specify the tangency of the spline along the line.

Tangency is specified in ‘Spline Fit’ command.

As you see, we selected the ‘End Tangency’ option for ‘Spline’ command, then we specified the tangency along the line as shown by green arrow above in Autocad.

Two methods of Spline drawing in Autocad.

There is two methods of drawing splines in Autocad with ‘Spline Fit’ command. As default, the ‘Fit’ method is used. You can use ‘CV’  method also by clicking on ‘Method’ option after entering into the ‘Spline Fit’ command.

Spline drawing with ‘CV’ method.

As you see above, you can obtain know point as above with ‘CV’ method in ‘Spline Fit’ command.

Press Enter from your keyboard to finish the spline drawing in Autocad with ‘Spline Fit’ command.

Reshape the spline that is drawn in Autocad from its knots.

After closing from the ‘Spline Fit’ command in Autocad, you can reshape the created splines by clicking on them. After clicking on themi you will see the control knots as shown by green arrows above. You can reshape splines by dragging these control points with your mouse.

The general expression of drawing splines with ‘Spline Fit’ command in Autocad and editing them can be like above. If you want more complex examples about splines in Autocad, inform us at below comments.

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