Drawing Center Radius Circle In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In this article, we will show you how to obtain a center radius circle in Autocad. Autocad has varying commands in itself to create circles inside it and this text shows how to create a circle by specifying a center point and entering a value in Autocad. This is very essential Circle drawing command that is also the most used command in Autocad. So, you will see that drawing a center radius circle in Autocad is very simple.

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How to Use Center Radius Circle Command in AutoCAD?

Firstly to obtain circles by entering a Radius in AutoCAD, click on the Circle command as shown by the green arrow above.

After entering the Center Radius Circle command in Autocad, you need to specify a center point for the circle as shown above.

After that, to obtain the circle after specifying the center point of it, you need to enter a Radius value for your circle as shown by the green box above. You can also specify the size of the circle by only dragging and clicking with your mouse.

For example, we are not entering a Radius value above. We want our circle to touch the end of the line from the sketch as shown by the green arrow above. We just specified the center point and click on the endpoint of the line as shown above. Using the center radius circle command in Autocad is like this.


So creating basic circles in Autocad is very easy like that.

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