Drawing Center Rectangle In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

In this text of Mechanicalland we will show you how to draw center rectangle in Solidworks sketching. If you need to draw rectangles that will be the base structures of your 3D geometries, Solidworks provides various kinds of rectangle drawing commands. One of these rectangle drawing command is Center-Rectangle command that is very useful to obtain rectangles in Solidworks.

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How To Draw Center-Rectangle In Solidworks?

Click on Center Rectangle command in Solidworks.

To draw rectangles, click on Center Rectangle command as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks. You need to click on Sketch tab from ribbon bar to do it.

After entering to the Center Rectangle command, you need to select a plane or a feature surface to draw on it in Solidworks.

Select the center of the rectangle.

After the selection of sketching plane in Solidworks, click to place your center of rectangle as shown by red arrow above.

Select the location of the corner of rectangle.

After selecting the center, select the location of the corner of rectangle that you want to create in Solidworks as shown by green arrow above.

Enter the parameters numerically.

Also you can enter the parameters numerically from the Center Rectangke dialog box at the right side of Solidworks interface. You can enter the X and Y values of every corners of rectangle from this dialog box. Also you can specify the Center Point numerically from this dialog box.

So as you can see, the creation of rectangles with Center Rectangle command in Solidworks is very easy.

Also there other kinds of Rectangle creation commands in Solidworks. To see the all of them, click on the link: All Rectangle Drawing Methods In Solidworks Sketching.


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