Drawing Centerpoint Arc Slot In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)


In this article of Mechanicalland we will show you how to draw slots that complies with arc that created with center selection in Solidworks sketching. It is very useful command to obtain curve-shaped slots in Solidworks that we can obtain very complex geometry in a very basic way. Also there are other kinds of slot drawing tools in Solidworks.

How To Draw Centerpoint Arc Slot In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on Centerpoint Arc Slot command.

To draw centerpoint arc slot in Solidworks sketching, click on little pop-up menu as shown by blue arrow above then click on Centerpoint Arc Slot command as in blue box above.

Select a proper plane or surface for Centerpoint Arc Slot.

After entering to the Centerpoint Arc Slot command in Solidworks, select a proper plane or feature surface to draw a centerpoint arc slot.

Select center point, starting point and ending point of  arc.

After the selection of a plane or surface to draw slot, click to define the center point first as shown by blue arrow above then click to define the starting point of arc as shown by green arrow finally click to define the ending point of slot ar as shown by red arrow above in Centerpoint Arc Slot command.

Click to define the thickness.

We selected the three points of slot arc then we dragged our mouse cursor to specify the width of the slot as above in Solidworks sketching.

Obtained arc slot geometry in Solidworks sketching with Centerpoint Arc Slot command.

We obtained this arc slot geometry as above with Centerpoint Arc Slot command in Solidworks.

Define the slot parameters manually.

You can define the centerpoint arc slot parameters manually as above;

Red Box: The center locations of arc in X and Y coordinates.

Blue Box: Arc radius and arc orientation angle values respectively in Solidworks.

Orange Box: Slot heigth and width values respectively.

The parameteres above can be interdependent each other in Centerpoint Arc Slot command in Solidworks sketching.

So drawing of slots with Centerpoint Arc Slot command in Solidworks is very easy like that!

You can find other slot drawing tools in Mechanicalk Base from this link; All Slot Drawing Commands In Solidworks.

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