Drawing Centerpoint Straight Slot In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

In this article of Mechanicalland we will show how to draw centerpoint straight slots in Solidworks sketchings. Slot shapes and figures can be used in mechanical engineering systems, so centerpoint straight slot command in very useful command to obtain these slot type geometries in Solidworks.

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How To Draw Centerpoint Straight Slots In Solidworks Sketching?

Click on Centerpoint Straight Slot command.

To draw centerpoint straight slot in Solidworks sketching, click on little pop-up menu as shown by blue arrow above then click on Centerpoint Straight Slot command as in blue box above.

Select a proper plane or surface for Centerpoint Straight Slot.

After entering to the Centerpoint Straight Slot command in Solidworks, select a proper plane or feature surface to draw a centerpoint straight slot.

Select the center location then slow width in Centerpoint Straight Slot command.

After the selection of a proper plane or surface, click to define center point of the slot as shown by blue arrow above then click to define the symmetrical width of the slot as shown by green arrow in Solidworks sketching.

Define the height of the slot.

We defined the center point and the symmetrical width value of slot as shown by green arrows above, then define the heigth value of the slot by dragging the mouse on sketch plane in Solidworks.

Obtained slot geometry in Solidworks sketching with Centerpoint Straight Slot command.

We obtained this slot geometry as above with Centerpoint Straight Slot command command in Solidworks.

Enter the slot parameters manually.

You can also enter the slot parameters in the Straight Slot command in Solidworks.

Blue Box: You can enter the X and Y location of the first point of slot.

Green Box: You can enter the height and width values respectively.

So Drawing of slots with Centerline Straight Slot command in Solidworks is very easy like that!

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