Drawing Circles in Solidworks Sketching – Illustrated

Circle sketches can be the very starting point for various 3D geometries in Solidworks. So in this article, we will show you how to draw a circle with the Circle command and what are the whole features of the Circle command in Solidworks. Also, it is very important to know all the features of basic commands like Circle for advanced levels.

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How to Draw a Circle in Solidworks?

Firstly, to start the drawing sketches with the Line command, click on the Sketch button as shown by the red arrow above in Solidworks.

After that, select a plane to create a sketch in Solidworks.

And then, to draw circles in Solidworks, click on the Circle command as shown by the red arrow above.

In the Circle command, we have two types of Circle drawing options as in the red box above. So, in the first one, we select a center and then the radius respectively. In the second one, we select three points respectively to obtain a circle in Solidworks.

As you can see above, we drew a circle by selecting a center first as shown by the red arrow, then selected the radius point as shown by the green arrow, with the first method of the circle in Solidworks.

So, we created a circle with the second method of the Circle command, as shown by the green box. We selected 3 points respectively, as shown by the green arrows above in Solidworks.


Above all, obtaining circles in Solidworks is easy like that.

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