Drawing Circles Effectively In Siemens NX Sketching

Drawing circle in Siemens NX can be very basic. But some aspects and features of drawing circle in Siemens NX makes is also very versatile and useful. In here, we will explain how to draw circles in Siemens NX and all the other features of ‘Circle’ command in Siemens NX.

How To Draw Circles In Siemens NX?

Click on ‘Circle’ command in Siemens NX.

Drawing circles in Siemens NX is somewhat easy process. But you need to open an active sketch in Siemens NX first. After opening an active sketch like above, click on ‘Circle’ command as shown by green arrow above.

Drawing circle in Siemens NX.

There are two methods to draw circle in Siemens NX. In first method, you need to define the center point, and enter the diamemeter of circle. For example, the first method is used. You can manually define the location of center with your mouse by clicking in drawing window. Also you can numerically enter the parameters from ‘Input Modes’ as shown in green box above.


The first selection, you can define X and Y value of your location of center by entering values from your keyboard. Then you can enter the diameter value in the second input mode as above.

3 point circle drawing in Siemens NX.

In the second method of circle drawing in Siemens NX, you need to define three points to obtain circle around these points. You can also define theese points’ locations parametrically from ‘Input Modes’ like stated above.

You can use two of input modes to define X and Y locations of points or defining radius value of your circle in Siemens NX, in both two methods of drawing circles.

Drawing circles in Siemens NX is very simple like above. Do not forget to levae your comments and questions about circle drawing in Siemens NX below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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