Drawing Curves Of Funtions And Polynomials In MatLab Very Easily

There are lots of kinds of graph and curve plotting commands in Matlab. But drawing graphs of functions polynomials that has variables effectively in Matlab also avaliable. For it, use ‘fplot()’ command in Matlab. In here, we explain how to use ‘fplot()’ command to draw curves of functions and polynomials in Matlab.

How To Use ‘fplot()’ Command In MatLab?

Use of ‘fplot()’ command in Matlab.

The use of fplot() command is very easy like above in Matlab. You need to write correct parameters inside your fplot() command to obtain graphs easily.

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First of all, you need to define the variable that you will use in your fplot() command. To do this, type ‘@(variable)’ as shown by blue arrow above. Then type your function as shown by red arrow above. You can also define your function;

To define the interval of your graph will be plotted, you just define the [Xmin, Xmax] as shown by magenta arrow above in Matlab. y values will be drawn according to the value that they take.

Finally, define your graph drawing tolerance as shown by orange arrow. The tolerance values below 1 will be the tolerance according to the exact value. If this value is bigger than 1, you will define the point number that will be considered in calculation.

You can edit your graph by adding legends, titles and informations manually from opened window.

The use of fplot() command in Matlab is very simple as you see above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about plotting graphs of functions and polynomials with fplot() command in Matlab below.

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