Drawing Lines in Solidworks Sketching – Illustrated Explanation

In this content of Mechanical Land, we will show you how to draw lines in SolidWorks sketches and all the Line command features. You can obtain primary sketches to create 3D geometries in further steps. Also, the Line command is one of these commands to create primary sketches in Solidworks.

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How to Draw a Line in Solidworks?

Firstly, to start the drawing sketches with the Line command, click on the Sketch button as shown by the red arrow above in Solidworks.

After that, select a plane to create a sketch in Solidworks.

And then, click on the Line command as shown by the red arrow above in Solidworks.

In “as sketched” mode, you can create your line freely on the drawing scheme of Solidworks.


Horizontal: If you select this option, the lines will be crated as horizontal automatically in Solidworks.

Vertical: Same logic with Horizontal.

Angle: If you select the Angle option in the Line command, you will enter a length and angle value to create standard lines at every click on the workspace in Solidworks as above.

Also, if you select For Construction as shown by the red box above in Line options, created lines will be like the above as shown by the red arrow.

And also, as you can see above, you can create Infinite lines if you select them as shown by the red box above in Solidworks.

Furthermore, if you select the Midpoint line as shown by the red box above, you can create lines starting from their midpoint, not start point in Solidworks.

Also, you can select a multiple line options such as For construction+Midpointline in Line command.


Above all, sketching lines in Solidworks is simply like that. Knowing the whole features of even basic commands like Line is very important at advanced levels of design in Solidworks.

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NOTE: We use all the screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.

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