Drawing Splines In Solidworks Skething(Illustrated Expression)

In this article we will show you how to create splines in Solidworks sketching with Spline tool. Splines are very important for aesthetic designs or surface designs. You can obtain curvy sketches by using Spline tool of Solidworks.

Circle sketches can be very starting point for various 3D geometries in Solidworks. So in this article we will show you how to draw circle with Circle command and what are the whole features of Circle command in Solidworks. It is very important to know all the features about basic commands like Circle for advanced levels.

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How To Draw A Circle In Solidworks?

To start the drawin skecthes with Line command, click on the Sketch button as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks.

After the entering to the skecthing mode, select a plane to create sketch in Solidworks.

To create Splines in Solidworks sketching, click on the Spline tool as shown by green arrow above in Solidworks.

After entering to the Spline tool in Solidworks, select the handle locations of your Spline as shown by green arrows above. To finish the Spline drawing at the end handle selection point, right click then click on Select that in green box above.

Spline is created as above in Solidworks with Spline tool.

To edit the Spline, double click on it.

You can edit the spline that you drew, you can edit the levl of curvature from handle that shown in red box. Also you can adjust its angle by dragging the handle that shown in green box above, in Solidworks.

Creating aesthetic lines with Spline is very useful and easy to do in SolidWorks.


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