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Drawing Splines On 3D Geometric Surfaces In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this content, we will show you how to draw Splines on geometric curvy surfaces in Solidworks. It is very important feature of Solidworks called Spline on Surface. You can draw Splines on every surfaces in Solidworks with this command. You will learn how to use this command in Solidworks effectively.

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How To Draw A Circle In Solidworks?

To start the drawin skecthes with Line command, click on the Sketch button as shown by red arrow above in Solidworks.

After the entering to the skecthing mode, select a plane o create sketch in Solidworks.

Click on pop-up menu that shown with green arrow above, then click on Spline on Surface tool of Solidworks, in the green box.

After entering to the Spline on Surface command, click on the surface that you want to create surface Splines on it, as shown by green arrows above. To complete the Spline on Curve on the last clicked handle point, right click on screen then click on Select as in green box.

You can edit the handle places of created surface spline by dragging them as shown by green arrow above. Also you can define X, Y and Z  parameters of each Spline handle from green box. Plus, you can fix the place of selected handle from red box above in Spline on Surface tool of Solidworks.

Obtaining splines on surfaces is easy like that in Solidworks.


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