Drawing Tangent Arc In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

In this text, we will show you how to draw arcs that tangent to other sketch elements in Solidworks with Tangent Arc command. This is very useful command to create tangent arcs in Solidworks sketching. Otherwise sketching of tangent arc can be very tedious. Also there are bunch of other arc drawing commands in Solidworks and you can find all information about them in Mechanicalland.

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How To Draw Arcs With Tangent Arc Command In Solidworks Sketching?

Arc will be drawn at the end of this line.

Consider a situation that you need to draw a tangent arc to the line that shown by red arrow above.

Click on Tangent Arc command.

To draw this kind of arc in Solidworks sketching, click on little pop-up menu as shown by red arrow above then click on Tangent Arc command as in red box above.

Click end of the line to draw tangent arc.

After entering to the command, click on the end of the line, the tangency is automatically created as shown by red arrow above. Also red box shows radius and angle value of arc according to the cursor location in Solidworks.

Click for second point of Tangent arc in Solidworks.

We selected the tangency point as shown by red arrow above, click on the second desired point to create arc as shown by blue arrow. After clicking for second point, the other arc will automatically created. If you do not want to create an other arc, press ‘Esc’ button from your keyboard to complete the arc drawing with Tangent Arc command in Solidworks sketching.

Enter the values numerically in Tangent Arc.

You can also enter the parameters of Tangent Arc. You can enter the centerpoint, start and end points as shown in green box, also you can enter the angle value and radius of the arc from red box above.

Drawing arcs with Tangent Arc in Solidworks sketching is very easy like that.

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