Edge Drafting Method In Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

We intoduced the drafting the faces with ‘Face’ method in ‘Draft’ command in Siemens NX. In this article we will explain the use of ‘Edge’ method to obtain draft angles in ‘Draft’ command in Siemens NX.

How To Use ‘Edge’ Drafting In Siemens NX?

Click on ‘Draft’ command in Siemens NX.

For example, we want to give a draft angle to the side faces of the box above in Siemens NX. To do it, click on ‘Draft’ command as shown by red arrow above.

Select the ‘Edge’ method for ‘Draft’ command in Siemens NX.

After entering inside the ‘Draft’ command, select the ‘Edge’ method as in red box from pop up menu in command.

Define the required parameters for ‘Draft’ command in Siemens NX.

We selected a proper vector as an edge that will be drafted as shown by red arrow above. You can change the angle direction from outside manner to inside manner if you double click on the vector direction as shown by green arrow.

In ‘Edge’ method of ‘Draft’ command, you need to select the edges that the draft edges will be turned around them. You can select the first face as shown by orange arrow above then click on icon shown in pink box then select the second edge as shown by blue arrow. You can specify different angle values for different edges as in blue box list in Siemens NX.

If you done with ‘Edge Draft’, click on ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ button.

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