Edges, Vertices, Points And Lines In Technical Drawings

The elements that are mentioned in the title seem to be very basic to the reader. But if we think in the context of technical drawing, these concepts must be understood well. Here you can find descriptive information about the edges, vertices, points, and lines in technical drawings. 

Edges And Vertices In Technical Drawings

You know from the basic geometrics, edges are formed by two surfaces or places in space. In the context of technical drawing, edges are shown by thick solid lines or thin hidden lines.

Again in the context of geometrics, vertices are formed by three planes that have edges between each other. these edges form vertices. The end of an edge is also called vertices. 

Points In Technical Drawings

Points are the very basic geometrical concept that is defined as no width, height, or deepness in space. In general, points are important as the intersections of the lines in technical drawings. 

Lines In Technical Drawings

On a technical drawing basis, lines can be the most important aspect. In geometrical definition, lines are the shortest way between two points, which are referred to as ‘straight line’. 

In technical drawing, there are various definitions and conventions of lines.

Indefinite straight line: Indefinite lines are shown as a basic straight line as below in technical drawings.

Definite straight lines: A the length of a line is definite in a technical drawing, this length is defined by drawing two little perpendicular lines like below to two ends of this length.

Horizontal and vertical lines: Horizontal and vertical lines are oriented in 90 and 180 degrees orientations on the paper. 

Parallel lines: Parallelity is a relative feature between lines. If two or more lines are oriented at the same angle, these lines are parallel in technical drawings. 

Perpendicularity between lines: If there is a 90-degree angle between lines or line sets, these line sets are called perpendicular. Perpendicular lines are very common in technical drawings.

Arcs and curves: These are the line segments in technical drawings which are not straight. 


These are the most basic pieces of information about the edges, vertices, and lines in technical drawings. 

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