Editing Text Of Dimensions In AutoCAD

Correct dimensioning is very vital for your technical drawings. In this aspect, Autocad provides lots of kinds of options for your dimensions in your technical drawings. One of them is, efiting texts at your dimensions. In here, we explain how to edit your texts at dimension lines and features in Autocad.

How To Edit Dimension Texts In AutoCAD?

Click on ‘Manage Dimension Styles…’ in Autocad.

To open the options for dimensions in Autocad, click on ‘Annotation’ then click on line standard which is ‘ISO-25’ above, then click on ‘Manage Dimesion Styles…’ as shown by green arrow above.

Dimension Style Manager In Autocad.

After clicking on ‘Manage Dimension Styles’ in Autocad, window like above will be opened. You can see the all the dimension style in the list that is shown in red box. Also you can do adjustments on these dimension styles with option in green box above in Autocad.

If you click on ‘New’, button you can create your own dimension style in Autocad and, if you click on ‘Modify…’ button, you can edit the selected dimension style from list.

After clicking on ‘Modify…’ button in Autocad, click on ‘Text’ section as shown by magenta arrow above. As you see, there are lots of kinds of text options here.

From ‘Text Appearance’ section, you can select your text style and text color. If you want to add fill color into your dimension texts, you can select this color also. You can change default text height for dimensions in Autocad from here. If you want to draw frame around your dimension text, select the pickbox inside magenta box.


In ‘Text placement’ section as shown in red box above in Autocad, You can adjust;

  • When the dimension text shown as vertical position, you can select a position according to dimension line such as; above, belowi centered etc.
  • The same logic for vertical position is valid for horizontal position in Autocad.
  • Also you can adjust the view direction of your dimension text in Autocad as right-to-left, left-to-right.
  • You can also adjust the distance of placement of dimension text from dimension line.

‘Text alignment’ options are also avaliable as shown by green box above. You can select one of options such as ‘Horizontal’, ‘Aligned with dimension line’, and ‘ISO Standard’ in Autocad.

If you done with your adjustments, click on ‘OK’ button.

The general options of dimension texts in Autocad can be summarized like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about options of dimension texts in Autocad below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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