Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

We use elastic potential energy in various topics in mechanical engineering and classical mechanics. The most important application of elastic potential energy is the calculations of spring potential energies. Also, if we squeeze a spring at a certain level, it stores potential energy. And also, if we release the load from this spring, it releases the potential energy. Furthermore, there is a calculation of this potential energy for springs and structural elements. You will see that the calculation of elastic potential energy with the calculator is very simple.

What is Elastic Potential Energy?

Elastic potential energy.
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Firstly, elastic potential energy is the total energy that a structural element absorbs from a loading. In the calculation of elastic potential energy, the structural member which is subjected to a force or load must stay within the elastic limits. So, we calculate the elastic potential energy with this formulation; 

Elastic potential energy formula.

In this formula, ‘k’ is the stiffness coefficient which has a unit of N/m pr lb/ft. Furthermore, stiffness coefficients change according to the type of material and the type of the structural shape. 

‘x’ is the total displacement where the compressive stress squeezes the structural element. The unit of the ‘x’ is m or ft. 

According to the elastic potential energy formulation, the total elastic potential is directly proportional to the stiffness coefficient. And also directly proportional to the square of the displacement. 

The obtained elastic potential energy is in the unit of J.

Spring Potential Energy

By using the elastic potential energy formula, we can easily calculate the spring potential energy. This is because springs are elastic structural elements that we commonly use in different types of machinery and mechanisms. 

For example; if a spring that has stiffness coefficient of 250 N/m is squeezed 2 meters, the stored elastic energy is calculated like this; 

Elastic Energy = 0.5*250*2*2 = 500J. 

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

We prepared an elastic potential energy calculator for the energy calculations. Elastic potential energy calculations are heavily used in lots of classical mechanics calculations. So, this calculator will be very handy in the calculations of elastic potential energies of structural members. 

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

The use of the elastic potential energy calculator is very simple. You just need to enter the required values of stiffness coefficient and the displacement values inside the brackets, then click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to obtain the energy result. If you want to make another calculation, click on the ‘Reset’ button and then re-enter the new values. 


So, the general aspects of the elastic potential energy and elastic potential energy calculator can be explained as above. 

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