Terms Starting with the Letter “D”

Double acting compressor: Double acting compressors are the type of piston compressors which are compressing air in both strokes. So, the total efficiency of these compressors are doubled.

Dynamic compressor: They are rotary continys flow machines where the pressure of the flowing air increased and the velocity decreased. So, the velocity of the flowing air is converted into the pressure.

Damping block: They are the special applications to reduce the damages that caused from dynamical loads and shocks.

Differential pressure measurement: This is the type of pressure measurement of fluid flows that measuring the difference of pressures between the different sections of pipes to see the total head loss.

Danger: The possible health and property risks becuase of the mechanical factors.

Deadband: They are the systems in HVAC applications that we use to prevent the heating and coolling rapidly in thermostats.

Dead time: The dead time is a finish time of a process and application in mechanical and electrical systems.

Decompression circuit: These circuits converts the potential energy of a presurized fluid into the heat. We use these systems in hydraulic systems in general.

Delinquent dryer: They are the pressure vessels that has salt tables in them. These systems are absorbşng vapor from the air.

Dew point: This is the temperature that which the vapor in air condenses to form dews. This temperature changes according to the changing pressure and humidity.

Diaphragm compressor: They are the variant of classic air compressor which have pistons. But also they have backup piston and rings.

Differential pressure gague: These are the pressure measurement devices to measure the pressure differentce between ttwo points of fluid flows.

Displacement: In physics and mechanics, displacement means the total place change according to a reference point.

Double check valve: They are the double systems of normal check valves that preventing the backflow of the fluid flow direction. We use them in the applications that not mixing o fluids is the main importance.

Double rod cylinder: Double rod cylinders are the cylinders that operate with two connecting rods and one pistons. In these systems, one rod extends and one rod retracts.

Dry screw compressor: These are the types of screw compressors which have no oil between the screws.

Dryer: They are the systems that takes the moisture and vapor from the environment or from the surface. There are different kinds of dryers out there.

Dust seal: Dust seals are the types of seals that we mount hermetically to hydraulic and pneumatic machines. They are rotating with these machines also.

Dynamic braking: They are the braking systems where the electrical motor is converted to a generator. And this time, the kinetic energy oof rotating rotor is prevented by the retarding force of the generator.

Dynamic compressors: Dynamic compressors are the machines that takes the air in high velocities. And in the rotating vanes, the velocity of the air converts to the pressures. So, presurizing action takes place.

Dynamic seal: They are the types of seals that we use between the moving and stationary objects which are rotating oscilating or linearly moving.

Drag reduction: Systems or designs to reduce the drag in the aerodynamical applications such as car bodies.