Terms Starting with the Letter “E”

Edge type filter: In these filters, there are multiple layers of paper discs inside a cylinder. So, once the fluid flows through this cylinder, the edges of the paper filters the contaminations.

Electronic cards: They are the cards that connects the electronic components such as relays, sensors and processors etc.

Electropneumatic converters: Electropneumatic systems are the elctromechanic systems that converts the elctronic signals to pneumatic pressures of gases. Also they convert the pneumatic inputs to electronic signals. The use of these systems are very common in pneumatic systems.

Enable input: Enabling the input signals in control systems by the processors. These enabling system take place according to the software and sensors.

End seal: Between the carrier pipe and casing pipe, the end seals prevent the foreign materials to entering here.

Error: The unintended result emerging from a system.

Epicyclic gear sets: They known as planetary gear sets that they use in the automatic transmission systems to obtain various speed ratios both in forward and reverse directions.

Extrusion: The emergence of material from a nozzle with the application of pressure.