Terms Starting with the Letter “F”

Fail safe actuator: The mechanism that stores required energy to turn the whole mechanism to safe location in the unintended situations for example in the power loss.

Fast exhaust valve: These are the systems that on the blind end of the pneumatic cylinder that provides quick motion.

Flow divider: They are the systems that we use the divide the flow in hydarulic systems.

Fluid couplings: Coupling systems thet transfer the rotational motion between two rotating shafts by using the kinetic friction of the fluid between them.

Fault finding: In mechanical and technical systems, the general activations to find the sources of faults with engineering approach.

Feedback: In closed-loop control systems, feedbacks are the backup signals from the end actuators to find the optimized result.

Full flow filter: They are the air filters that takes the air, filters and pumpes to the engine.

Fire resistant fluid: In the hydraulic systems in underground mines, they are the hydraulic systems that resistant to possible fires.

Flapper jet servo: They are electronic systems that we use to control the hydraulic cylinders with very small input signals.

Flapper nozzle: They are the nozzles in pneumatic systems that are used the measure the process pressure.

Flexible hose: They are very common systems in hydraulic systems that we use the transfering of hydraulic fluid to other portions. Also, they are flexible enough to withstand the motions of hydraulic systems. And they can withstand very high hydraulic fluid pressures.

Flip-flop: In electronical control systems, flip-flops are the single binary data storages.

Flow measurement: Measurement of the mass or volume flow of the flowing fluids.

Flow streamlines: In fluid flows, there are streamlines that fluid particles are following. The characteristics of these streamlines defines the type of fluid flows.

Flow velocity: The average velocity of a fluid flow. The unit of the fluid flow m/s or ft/s in general fluid mechanics applications.

Flow control valve: They are the valves in hydraulic systems that we use to control the general speeds of cylinders and air compresors.

Flow divider valve: They are the valves in hydraulic systems that divides the high pressure fluids into separate hoses. These separate hoses feed the different hydaraulic systems or arms.

Force balance: Force balance is the balance situation where the total summation of the applied forces are zero in three dimensional space. Also, we call it as force equilibrium.

Force balance positioner: In pneumatic systems, they are the force-balanced elements on the double-acting actuators.

Fps units: This is the acronym of the foot-pound-second system. Which are all now it as English unit systems.