Terms Starting with the Letter “G”

Gauge pressure: In the gaupe pressure measurements, the measure pressure value is according to the atmospheric pressure. For example, if the gauge pressure is 3 kPa, the total pressure is 101.325+3 = 104.325 kPa. So, we neglect the atmospheric pressure in the gauge pressure measurements.

Gas filled accumulator: They are the accumuators in pneumatic systems that store high pressure air which is ready to serve into the pneumatic system.

Gas laws: There are diffent gas laws an theories about the behavior of gases. Around the most common ones: Ideal gas law and Gay-Lussac law.

Gear motor: Gear motors are the integrated electric motors with a reducer system. These systems are unseparable systems. The general electric motors that we use in these systems: AC, PMDC and BLDC motors.

Gear pump: Gear pumps that types of pumps that pressurize the liquids with the action of two meshed gears. Once the meshed gears rotate according to each other, they will start to pressurize the fluid.

Glycol based fluids: They are the fluids that consist water solution of ethylene or diethylene glycol.

Gulp valve: They are the valves in inbternal combustion engines that thet draws extra air inside the intake manifold upen the decereation to prevent the backfriging of cylinders.

Gear: Parts that has toothed geometry around the circumference of a round. They are attached and meshed to each other to transfer torque by rotating.