Terms Starting with the Letter “L”

Laminar flow: Laminar flow is a type of fluid flow that all the fluid particles are moving in the parallel lines.

Linear actuator: In pneumatic and hydraulic systems, linear actuators are the actuators that provides linear reciprocating motion.

Linear variable differential transformer: They are the electromechanical transducers that converts a linear motion into a same ratio of electircal signals. They are very common in the pneumatic systems for motion control.

Loading valve: Type of valve in hydraulic and pneumatic systems which is designed to provide a fixed back pressure for the dosing pump to work against.

Lobe pump: In these pumps, there are Y or I shaped lobes that are designed rotate inside the pump casing. So, the pressure of the fluid increases with this motion.

Logic gates: Gates in electronic systems that have logic curciuits works according to the software.

Legislation: Gorvernmental rules and standards that defined for a specific area or specific prodycts. A product can not be sold commercially without compliance to related legislations.

Logic valves: In very high flow rates and very high pressures, we use these screw type cartridge vales to control the direction and the mass flow of the flow. They are very useful in the electromechanical hydraulic systems.

LVDT: They are the systems that sends the position of the of the actuator to controller and sends the corrected feedback signals to valve’s selenoid.