Terms Starting with the Letter “M”

Maintenance: To provide the sustainavbilities of mechanical or electrical systems, we make maintenance to to systems in specific periods to repair or updates of the systems.

Mass: Mass is the quantitative measure of inertia which is a fundamental property of all types of matter.

Mass flow: Mass flow is the total mass flow of fluid in a specific unit of time. For example 75 kg/s mass flow of water.

Maximum possible loss: The possible loss from a system that we are expecting in maximum way. For example, if we say that efficiency of the system is 45%, the maximum possibe loss is 65% from this system.

Mechanical advantage: Advantage of a system mechanically in terms of mechanical energy and mechanical efficiency.

Mesh size: In FEA analyses, the size of the mesh elements that we obtain to make simulations.

Meter in/out control: In the meter-in circuit, the flow control valve is connected in the primary line whereas, in the meter-out circuit, the flow control valve is connected in the secondary line.

Metric pipe threads: The metric threads of the connection edges of pipes in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Micro-emulsion: Stable fluids which are different from other kinds of kintetically stable fluids. With the pasing time, they will separate in water and oil.

Mks units: The acronym of the meter, kilograms and second units. Actually it defines the metric units.

Modular valve: In these valves there are two solenoids that change the direciton of the continous flows.

Moisture curve: This curve gives the amount of water mositer that absorbed by a soil in the equlibrium state.

Motion balance positioner: Electonic control systems that position th eactuators of pneumatic and hydraulic systems to obtain physical balance.

Master cylinder: They are the hydraulic systems that convets the braka pedal force exerted by the driver to the hydraulic force by taking hydrauli cfluid inside to brake system.

Magnesium: Soft metallic material that has atomic number of 12. In lightweight structural applications, Mg is very common. Casting of the magnesium is also very common production technique for the structural parts.