Terms Starting with the Letter “V”

Valve actuator: They are the actuators that controls the opening and closing the valves according to the signals that they take.

Valve balance: Optimizations on valve systems to obtain the required flow characteristics with minimum pressure drops.

Valve ball: In ball valvesi they are the balls that rotates inside the fluid flow to allow the fluid flow or not according to the orientation.

Vane compressor: Vane compressors are the types of compressors that we use in the pneumatic systems to provide high pressure air to the system.

Vane motor: They are the systems that converts the flowing fluid or gas in high pressure to the rotary motion.

Vane: Vanes are the special blades on a rotating dics or other shape to push the fluids inside systems. They are generally found in the turbines, pumps and compressors.

Valve positioners: The positioners of valves according to the electronic signals to control the high pressure air in pneumatic systems.

Vane pump: Pump systems thhat we use in the hydraulic systems to pressurize the hydraulic fluids.

Variable area flowmeter: They are the flowmeters that we use in the variable pressures and pressure drops of liquids.

Venturi: They are the tubes in fluid flow systems to speed up the flow by narrowing the area of the fluid flow.

Viscosity: Quantity expressing the magnitude of internal friction, as measured by the force per unit area resisting a flow in which parallel layers unit distance apart have unit speed relative to one another. Viscosity is a very important quantity in the fluid mechanics applications. In general, we use the poise unit to define the viscosity.

Viscosity index: Index that gives the change of viscosity of a fluid with the chaning temperature. Every different fluids have different viscosity indexes.

Viton seal: A synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer that is produced by the Viton company.

Volumetric flow: Amounf of fluid flow per second according to the bolumetric basis. Unit of the volumetric flow is m3/s or ft3/s in English units. We generally use in the hydraulic system calculations.