Terms Starting with the Letter “W”

Water gauge: In a system, it measures the water flow pressure. We use them in hydraulic applications in general.

Water/glycol fluid: Tyope of fluid thet composed of water and glycol. They have different applications in hydraulic systems.

Water/oil fluid:They ar eth emixtures of oils and water. There are hydraulic applications that we use these mixtures.

Water trap: TThey are the water seal between the appliances and the external water or atmospheric waters. You can find their applications on toilets.

Wheel locking: Locking systems in the exales of the automobiles to prevent the power distribution to specific wheels.

Welded connections: They are the types of conections where the welding operations are used.

Wet screw compressor: They are the types of compressores to compress the air with moisture.

Wiper seal: In a sealing system, they prevents the dust an debris to enter the gland housing.

Working pressure: Total pressure of the fluid or liqud in hydraulic or pneumatic systems that works.

Wind tunnel testing: Testing systems of aerodynamical body prototypes by putting them inside the channels or tubes where intended properties of air flow is applied. Also, small white particles show the behavior of the air on the aerodynamical surface.