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Erasing Sketch Features In AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

In Autocad 2D, erasing sketch features with ‘Erase’ command is very easy to use. In this article, we will explain the all features of ‘Erase’ command in Autocad and how to erase 2D sketch features in Autocad.

How To Use ‘Erase’ Command In AutoCAD?

Use ‘Erase’ command in Autocad.

To open the command of ‘Erase’ in Autocad, you need to click on ‘Erase’ command as shown by red arrow above. Or you can type ‘ER’ on command window as shown by green arrow, then you can click on ‘ERASE’ comamnd in the green box in Autocad.

Click to erase 2D features in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Erase’ command in Autocad, you need to select the features as shown by red arrows above that you want to erase them. Then right click to complete the erasing operation in Autocad.

You can also select the feature with multiple selection with windowin Autocad to erase.

The use of ‘Erase’ command to erase 2D features in Autocad is very simple like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Erase’ command in Autocad below!


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