Explanation Of Important Glass Products: Glass Fibers, Labratory Glasswares And Optical Glasses

In this content, you will understand that our society is very depend on glass and glassware products. In technology, glass is very prominent material because of the specific properties of glass material. Here we shown some of examples of important glass products below.

What Are The Main Glass Products In Engineering?

The ingridients of glass changes according to application. But types of ingridients of glass products are generally same. These ingridients are adjusted empirically in history to obtain required properties according to application.

  • Glasses For Optics: This category of glass products includes lenses, eyeglasses and optical instruments for cameras, microscopes and teşescopes. For optics, glass must be produced in high homogenity. Also refractive indice is very important for optical glasses. ‘Crown glass’ has low refractive indice and ‘flint glass’ has high refractive indice.
Lens of a camera.
  • Labratory Glassware: Glasses or containers that used for chemical and labratory purposes must have very good thermal resistance and resistance to chemical attack. To obtain that high thermal resistance, labratory glasswares are high in silica content. The trade name of these high silica content glasses is ‘Vicor’ in market. Boric oxide (B2O3) is also added to silica to obtain very low thermal expansion. Pyrex is also high thermal resistant glass material.
Labratory glassware(C: glassonline)
  • Glass Fibers: Fibers that are produced from glass has very important applications in engineering, Fiber reinforced plastics, fiber optics and insulation wools are the examples of applications of glass fibers. E-Glass is the type of glass fibers that are used in fiberglass reinforced plastics. CaO and Al2O3 composition of these glasses is very high. Tensile strength characteristics of e-type glass is very good. S-type fiberglass is also very high in strength, but it is not economical as E-type. Glasses used for insulation is lime-soda-silica glass. And glasses used at fiberoptics must have high refractive index. The outer layer of these fiber optic glasses have low refractive index than inner layer. Inner layer also must has high transmittance to transmit the information for long distances.
Fiberglass application.

These three categories of glass industries comprises high technologies. Because of that, these markets are very valuable and high in profit.

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