Explanation Of The Axonometric Projections In Technical Drawing

In technical drawing, different types of projections are developed for different types of parts. One of these projections is the axonometric projection. Here you can find out the technical expression of the axonometric projections. 

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

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What Is The Axonometric Projection In Technical Drawing?

Axonometric projection is a very useful projection type in technical drawing in which the principle views can be seen in one projection. For example, the top, bottom, and side views can be seen in one projection. 

But if a three-dimensional object is reflected as an axonometric projection, the lines, edges, and angles are foreshortened. The exact dimensions are not shown in the axonometric view because of this reason. The purpose of the axonometric view gives the 3D visualization of the object to the observer in one projection. 

The Three Types Of The Axonometric Projection

According to the foreshortening situation of the edges, there are three types of axonometric projection. 

  • Isometric projection: In a three-axis direction, the amount of the foreshortening is equal. 
  • Dimetric projection: In this projection, two axes are the body is foreshortened in the same amount and the third axis is foreshortened in different amount.
  • Trimetric projection: Foreshortenings in three directions are different. 
Three types of axonometric projections(Image Source: FREDERICK E. GIESECKE, SHAWNA LOCKHART, Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics 15th Ed., Pearson, Pg.83).

According to the needs, one of these three types of axonometric projections is used in technical drawings. 


Axonometric projections can be explained like this in summary. 

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