Explanation Of Weak Springs Option In ANSYS Solver Control

Weak springs is a solver control option that is available in ANSYS® Mechanical analysis. You can find information about the weak springs option here, in which way you need to adjust it in your analysis. 

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What Is Weak Springs Option In ANSYS®? 

The place of weak springs option in ANSYS® Mechanical.

The weak springs option is a very basic option that is used as an auxiliary solution element for mathematical or numeric solutions that go on in the background. The addition of enough amount of weak springs to stress analyses can prevent numerical instabilities to obtain correct results. But, there are no effects of weak springs in real-world physical systems.

How To Adjust Weak Springs Option?


If you are inside a stress or thermal stress analysis in ANSYS® Mechanical, you can adjust by clicking on ‘Analysis Settings’ then select the ‘Weak Springs’ option from ‘Solver Controls’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Which Weak Springs Option That I Should Select?

Weak springs options.

As you see in the screenshot above, three options are available. First of all, is ‘Program Controlled’ in which the program will select the best option according to your analysis. 

If you select ‘On’, you need to enter a spring stiffness value. Also, you can select it as ‘Program Controlled’ in which the program will apply the standard value of spring stiffness. 

The ‘Manual’ option will give you the authority to enter a spring stiffness value that has the unit of ‘Newton per meter’. 

The third option is the ‘Factor’ in which you need to enter a factor value that will specify the spring stiffness as multiplied with the program standard in the ‘Program Controlled’ option. For example, if you enter ‘5’ for the ‘Factor’ value, the standard value will be multiplied by ‘5’. 

  • If you enter a very low value for spring stiffness, the program will not work. 
  • If you enter a very high value for spring stiffness, the system will act as a rigid body. 
  • It can be the best way to determine the best value for weak springs to try different values. 


We recommend that you need to try all the options if you have a computational source or time, for weak spring in ANSYS®.

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