Exporting ANSYS Mechanical Tabular Data In Excel Or Txt Form

In some cases, you need to export tabular data that you created in ANSYS® Mechanical, to your friend or save it in an external source. You can save this table in .txt format or .xls format on your computer. Here, we will show you how to export tabular data in ANSYS® Mechanical.

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How To Export Tabular Data In ANSYS® Mechanical?

Right-click on ‘Tabular Data’ in ANSYS®.

For example, you can have very complex tabular data for an assigned boundary condition in an analysis in ANSYS® Mechanical. And you need to have this condition in another analysis, or your friend or collaborator needs it. You just need to right-click on tabular data as shown by the green arrow above, then click on ‘Export’ from the list.

Save your file.

After clicking on the ‘Export’ button, the screen above will appear. Enter a file name and you can save it as .xls or .txt file formats as shown in the red box above. Then click on the ‘Save’ button to save it.

Here it is very easy like you see above. You do not need to Save As… the whole project and send it to another external source. You can export the data from the current project in ANSYS® Mechanical.



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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.


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