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Expressions Of Complex Numbers In MatLab®(Illustrated Expression)

Complex numbers are frequently used in mathematical phenomenons in calculations. So Matlab® has expression standards for the complex number. In this article we will explain;

  • How to use complex numbers in Matlab®?
  • What are the complex numbers’ commands in Matlab®?

How To Use Complex Numbers In Matlab®?

>> a = 6+8i

a =

   6.0000 + 8.0000i

b =


c =


d =


f =



As you can see above, the expression of complex numbers in Matlab® is very basic. You need to type the complex number as shown above in Matlab®. The imaginary value is typed as ‘i’ as you see.

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There are a bunch of functions about complex numbers in Matlab®;

  • abs(): This command indexes the absolute value of the complex number that typed inside it as shown by green arrows above.
  • real(): This command indexes the real side of a complex number that typed inside this command as shown in Matlab®.
  • imag(): You can index the imaginary side of a complex number in Matlab® by typing the complex number inside it as shown above.
  • angle(): You know that every complex number can be displayed in the cylindrical coordinate system. In a cylindrical coordinate system, every point has a place and angle values. With this command, you can index the angle value of a complex number in cylindrical coordinates in Matlab® as shown above.
  • conj(): Indexing the conjugate value of a complex number that typed inside this command in Matlab®.

As you know that you can use the indexed values in other calculations or codes in Matlab®, you can also use these indexed complex number values in further calculations or codes in Matlab®.


The general logic about complex numbers in Matlab® can be stated basically like that. If you wish much more complex example about complex numbers and their functions in Matlab®, we can publish one.

This article is prepared for completely educative and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Matlab®

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