Extending Objects In Autocad Drawing(Illustrated Expression)

Extend command is very useful command in Autocad to make extensions of 2D features to nearest intersection point. In this article we explained how to use ‘Extend’ command in Autocad with a very basic example.

How To Use Extend Command In Autocad?

Click on ‘Extend’ command in Autocad.

Making extensions of features in Autocad is a very basic and useful process. For example, we want to create the extension of line that shown by red arrow above, up to circle feature as shown by blue arrow. To do this in Autocad, click on little pop up menu as shown by green arrow then click on ‘Extend’ command in green box.

Select the boundry object, then select the object to be extended in Autocad.

After entering into the ‘Extend’ command, click to select the boundry object that the extension will done up to this boundry. In out example, the boundry is circle as shown by green arrow. After selection of bounding feature, right click to pass to the object selection. Then select the object to be extended as shown by red arrow above. After the selection, extension will be done.

But there must be an intersection with bounding object, when the object is extended. Otherwise, ‘Extend’ command will not work in Autocad.

The most basic use of ‘Extend’ command is like above. If you want much more complex examples about the use of ‘Extend’ command, inform us at comments below.

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