First of all, thank you for visiting Today, we would like to remind you the most frequently asked questions and answer them. On this page you will see frequently asked questions to us. Since we have shared the answers to the questions on different pages before, we will direct you there.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are we?

Of course you can know us. I leave you 2 links to get to know us better.

– About ->
– Mechanicallan Introduction ->

How can I contact you?

It is very easy to contact us, please check our contact page. (We are also happy to leave our private e-mail address for you here.)

– Contact ->
– Mail : [email protected]

Are you using my cookies?

Of course, we use your cookies to serve you better and faster. Please take a look at our cookie policies for detailed information on this subject.

– Cookie Policy ->

Are you saving my information?

In fact, our site currently has a membership system. We follow standard procedures in this regard. How about looking at our privacy policy page for detailed information?

– Privacy Policy ->

Do you have rules on your site? I do not want to make a mistake 🙂

Yes, like every platform, we have some rules. You must follow these rules. Please check the rules.

– Mechanicalland Rules ->

I think you did your job well. Can I work with you?

Of course you can work with us. Apart from producing content, we are trying to produce services for the needs of our industry. You can access and browse our services from this page.
Work with us ->

How can I support you?

First of all, we would like to thank you for considering this. We can’t allocate much time to our accounts outside of our site yet because we have very few teams. To support us, you can follow our site, turn on notifications and sign up for our mail subscription. We don’t spam, we just let you know that appropriate content has been shared. These are the best ways to support us and don’t forget to comment on the articles you like. When you comment on us, our motivation rises and we think you see us. When we start using our social media accounts actively, we will present our accounts to you, then you can support us by following us.


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