Fatigue Strength Calculator Of Goodman Method For Fluctuating Shear Stresses

Fatigue Strength Calculator Of Goodman Method For Fluctuating Shear Stresses

Fluctuating Shear Stresses: Goodman Method


What Is Goodman Method Of Calculate Fatigue Strength Of Fluctuating Shear Stresses?

In some cases of engineering problems, all the stresses can be in the form of shear stresses. And these shear stresses can be in fluctuating form which means the magnitude of shear stress can change in changing time. In this formula, the used fluctuating shear stress is in the form of sinusoidal wave.

Goodman method can be applied on ductile materials. So if there is a sinusoidal shear stress application on ductile materials, Goodman method can be applied to see fatigue situation of this application.

The formula of Goodman method for shear stresses is like above. It is actually same with Goodman method for tensile stresses. In here, Kt represents the concentration factor which depends of your application and material. You can define a concentration factor according to critical region that are prone to be failure in your material. Ta is the absolute maximum shear stress in sinusoidal wave form. Tm is the mean shear stress in this sinusoidal wave.

Ssn is the endurance shear strength of your material and Ssu is the ultimate shear strength of your material. In general applications Ssn can be considered as 0.577*Sn and Ssu can be considered as 0.75*Su. Sn and Su values are the tensile strength characteristics of your material.

N is the safety factor which depends on your application again.

How To Use Goodman Calculator For Alternating Shear Stress?

The use of fatigue strength calculator of goodman fluctuating shear stresses is very basic like above. You just need to enter the required value that are stated above respectively. Then click on ‘Calculate’ command to see the result. Calculator will inform you about your application’s safety situation according to result.

To do another calculation, click on ‘Reset’ button.

As a good engineer, take care about your UNITS. Selection of consistent units at your calculations depends on you. Unit of stresses are ‘pressure’ and other parameters such as Kt, N are unitless.

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